30. Oktober 2018

Shades of Nude x Dior Saddle Bag.



YAY – Finally guys! Here’s a new blogpost and we’re going to be more active again around here 🙂 We have to admit we also joined the trend of focussing more on Instagram and IG Stories which everyone obviously prefers. Anyway we think that our own platform – our own blog can be more individual and detailed so we’re back! We’re starting with an outfit we shot the other day with shades we’re totally obsessed with atm. Nude shades. Everything that’s nude, beige, light brown -worn in one look. We really love these tone in tone looks this season. So we thought we share this one as an inspiration for you guys. This dreamy belted knit cardigan is from Na-kd as well as the pants. Bag is a Vintage Dior Saddle bag which we found online on a second hand platform. Everything linked below. Hope you like the outfit and come visit the blog again more often. There’s gonna be a lot more content again soon. Maybe you can let us know in the comments if you’re still into blog content or not, would love to hear your thoughts on this topic : ) xx Su & Chris

Outfit Details:

Belted Cardigan: Na-kd

Suitpants: Na-kd

Platform Sneakers: Topshop

Lace top: Na-kd

Bag: Vintage Dior Saddle Bag




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